Recommended Taoist words or phrases

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Tao1   Tao2   Tao3   Tao4

1)morality ethics 2)morality and justice 3)principle rationality 4)Dojo sites


5) Taoism



Taoism                  Taoist priest or            laws of nature           The right, correct
practitioner – a person    or Heavenly law        path or proper way
pursuing Taoism practice


statecraft             pursuit of the Tao    To promote morality   To preach or deliver
benevolent government                             spread Tao teachings    a religious address
the Way of the King

enlightenment             the burden is heavy and the road is long     Justice or fairness
realize the truth                                                                                a reasonable price
awaken of Tao

kind and honest                Walking or             The right track           To bypass or make
treats with kindness        mountain trail         orbit or trajectory                 a detour
virtuous and sincere

congratulate                to apologize             to say thank you        Genuine, original
offer congratulations
    make an apology       or to express thanks       to be authentic

黑龍 Black Dragon     蒼龍 Dark blue or Green Dragon 青龍 Azure dragon

                                         白虎    White Tiger           猛虎    Fierce or ferocious tiger    螳螂  Praying mantis

氣 Qi, chi  inner strength
               道  Tao,Way,or Path

禪  Zen   dhyana
                           功 kung fu martial art skill, method