Contending for the Middle

We must learn what it means to be separate and is that what we truly want?

There seems to be a lack of pragmatism guiding our country today. For some who are happy with the way things are proceeding that’s okay because they think there is a need to pull us back into what they define as the “mainstream” of their conservative “Christian” values or unchecked freedom to make as much money and profit as possible as an individual, without regard for others. Verses a sense of commonality that America is a “melting pot” where people regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation should be able to live the American dream as they themselves define what that might be.

The key is the ability to see beyond ourselves and our own limited vision of the world we have created for ourselves, and fear of what may appear to be different that may come to challenge facts we base our truth on. We fear what we don’t know and over time convince ourselves that our own view of the world around us is best when we are the only one’s shaping it. We can control things that way. Trouble is, the universe is beyond our personal control and doesn’t work that way. Extremes, just as in nature never last. What they may have shaped today only serves as a catalyst for change while it’s opposite begins to take shape and form. An eternal truth is that those who refuse to change get left behind. It is this reality that helps to bring joy to those of us who are left.

My own version of Verse 41 of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching I wrote in May 2000 (seventeen years ago) expresses it this way… found at website.

Contending for the Middle

 How is it that some can hear of the correct way and follow it with devotion, while others when hearing of it are content to argue whether it is real or not?  And still others cannot seem to keep from laughing at such folly. However, if the latter did not laugh it wouldn’t be the way. For contentment to find its middle both extremes must be shown.

The brightest path to some seems dark, the quickest path seems slow. The smoothest path remains rough. The highest virtue low.  The whitest white seems pitch black.  The greatest virtue wanting while the staunchest virtue timid.  The truest truth remains uncertain.  The perfect square will seem to lack corners as the perfect tool remains idle and does nothing.  The perfect sound is hushed and quiet, as the perfect form remains shapeless. It is through these opposites that the two sides of everything become clear.

Once clear, the Tao remains hidden from view, except to those who can truly see. Remaining hidden from view himself, the sage can easily find beginnings and endings and know when to start and how to finish as he already knows having seen both sides many times before. ##

The overreaching view is that we should live in and stay in the midst of contending for the middle. Neither the left, with its perceived sense of lack of personal responsibility, nor the right’s view, that goodness will trickle down to the masses if given a chance… is correct. Contending for the middle is the only way we will achieve our common virtue that defines us as a nation. Facts are not truth. What defines us as truth is when we love our neighbor (regardless of race, color, or creed) as we love ourselves. To put trust in who is guiding the ship requires us to be aware of the greater reality and to stay awake and focus on what it is mine to do.  What if what is happening (in our country) is the best thing. That something not great, but greater is emerging, i.e., the power of truth where we focus on “know how” and question who is navigating the ship that includes all of us. Likening it to the emergence of a seed. With the right conditions after planting it breaks open and takes root. It then expresses itself towards the light.

It is time for each of us to deepen or roots in keeping with the greater principles and act with our own spiritual foundation built on solid truth – not that which separates us – and realize that we ourselves are the light. We need to get back to basics and promote the good to be found in all of us. The time is here to step forward, standing and speaking principle on behalf of the greater good. Knowing that all that “I AM” is God – speaking on behalf of all that is found in nature. Acknowledging that I am governed by spirit. I AM a creator! AS I move to higher consciousness in word, but not the world, I use my own power of creativity. What is it that I (we) are focusing on? Deciding that I don’t want to stay there… but to step into what is real.

W must create our own vision apart from the world. That mindfulness becoming what defines us. Something new… perhaps found through meditation that releases the divine spark inside us that is far greater than ourselves. Do our work and make it our lives. Key is getting back to the oneness found in the realm of the invisible. For find the middle in all things and stay there. Feel the vision and know that love will always win. That I (we) have become the tipping point with rockets of desire blaring, knowing we are here to connect with the universe. To live the truth that I know knowing that if you do the spiritual part the rest will come and come to find that nothing can disturb you peace of mind.