Dan’s resume

Daniel C (Dan) DeCarlo                                                                1956 S Jefferson Avenue                                                        Springfield. MO  65807

Mobile number in USA:  561-254-0009                                      WeChat:    kongdan108              

PHILOSOPHER, PUBLISHED AUTHOR, WRITER and TEACHER –  Member and consultant  to the I Ching/Confucius Society in Qufu and western Shandong Province in China. This is a planning and consultant position where skills in analysis, communications and computers will contribute to overall success of my writing, students and associates in China, USA and globally. My personal goals and objectives are in utilizing extensive master planning, teaching, writing and experience in community capacity building as an educator to assist those I meet to find their highest endeavor and destiny. Bringing the thoughts and words of my peers from the past to the present helps me to contribute to a better universe tomorrow.  Published author of two books in China. First in 2004 a book entitled An American Journey through the I CHING and Beyond and a second book published in 2006 entitled Thoughts on becoming a Sage, an interpretation of Lao Tzu’s Te Tao Ching”. Several other books preparing for publication.

President/CEO The Kongdan Foundation (2006-2019)

TEACHING EXPERIENCE IN CHINA   FALL 2010 – Guest Teacher at Cambridge English School in Jining and Qufu, I worked with over seventy Chinese Teachers with improving their spoken English and participated in up the ten classes a day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I worked with the Dean of the school to consolidate the classes and helped teachers with goal setting.

MARCH 2011 through JUNE 2013Teaching oral English at both Jining University and Qufu Normal School in Qufu. My class load included approximately 300 students every semester. Textbooks included Listening and Speaking English Volumes I and II, Challenge to Speak English Volumes I and II and the 21st Century newspaper.  References provided upon request.

ACTIVITIES IN CHINAComing to China since 1997, primarily to Qufu and Jining in western Shandong Province as chairman of sister city program between Boynton Beach, Florida and Qufu. I retired from City of Boynton Beach as city planner and neighborhood specialist in 2005 to work full time on my teaching, writing and traveling in China and Qufu. Teaching experience in Shandong Province includes teaching English as a second language in Jining and Qufu at Cambridge English Learning Schools in both cities, teaching at Jining University and promoting the Confucius Institute program in USA and worldwide as a scholar of ancient Chinese history.

EDUCATIONBachelor of Science Degree: Public Administration and Political Science, Missouri State University (May 1976)   Springfield, Missouri 65804

* Analysis — Examine problems thoroughly and find creative solutions that increase efficiency.

* Strong communication skills — Articulate in person, making presentations and in writing, enthusiastic about his role in promoting others.

* Ability to focus on short and long range solutions and apply vision of needs of everyone in the organization, provide effective supervision.

* Skill building, grant writing, able to grasp underlying contradictions, implements workable solutions and follow through as a capable consensus builder, i.e. third party service providers, etc.  Prioritizing and sequencing various components into master plan process is strong suit.

* Inquisitive, with extensive experience working with teams to innovate and improve workplace productivity.  Over 20 years of strong international presence in China and recently in Haiti.

* Computers — Proficient in Microsoft Word, Project, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.


Planning Consultant (2005 to the present) Provide training in capacity building and management for various for-profit and NGO organizations and enterprises working specifically in developing master plans, managing conflict resolution, management, and similar activities.  Specific knowledge in development needs of China and Haiti through my previous activities in both countries. I have experience in regional (sector) planning, state comprehensive planning (State of Florida), and adapting local planning activities to the above criteria by coordinating measurable milestones, outcomes and targets.

Neighborhood Specialist for the City of Boynton Beach, Florida (1999-2005) prior to beginning my own companies in 2005 identified above, where I specialized in community building and revitalization strategies, management of special projects and development of standardized performance evaluations. I also served as liaison to the Community Relations Board in a multi-cultural and diverse community as a consensus builder, developing train the trainer programs and managing numerous projects for the city manager. Horticultural experience giving professional advice in planting Florida native plants, scrubs and trees in specific city and neighborhood projects also knowledgeable in nursery production and pest control. Development of teams and priorities for numerous projects with responsibility for accounting, bidding and billing procedures.

City Planner from 1988 to 1999 in Fall River, Massachusetts and Boynton Beach, Florida.  Projects included re-writing the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan, extensive development site plan review and coordinator for implementation of Fall River’s emergency 911 service.  While the City Planner for Fall River I also served as Chairman of the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Planning District (SRPEDD) from 1991-1993.  As a planner in Boynton Beach (1995-1999) responsible for updating the city’s comprehensive plan and extensive development and site plan review for the city’s planning department. Worked expensively in updating city’s comprehensive master plan, building codes, code compliance enforcement and with various citizens groups, city advisory boards and commissions.

Planning consultant, facilitator and organizer in Missouri in USA focusing on environmental education with multiple agencies and small cities preparing master plans for housing, economic development, and community building (1981-1988), also served on statewide Consumer Advisory Panel for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (1982-1985) for consumer protection and safety issues.

State Representative in Missouri House of Representatives (1979-80).  I served as President of the class and as a member of Urban Affairs, Consumer Protection and Housing Committees as a state legislator representing the 149th District in Springfield, Missouri.


Co-Chairman of Qufu sister city committee focusing on education issues, coordinator of English and Culture Club for the high schools in Qufu and Boynton Beach, the sister city Young Artist competition in Qufu, and general sister city projects as needed and the founder of the sister city program between Boynton Beach, Florida and Qufu in Shandong Province in 2001.

References furnished upon request.