Eternal blessings as we set the stage for our highest endeavor 

It does not matter if we are red, yellow, black, brown, or white. Indigenous or otherwise, we all come from the same universal source found in nature. A sameness that permeates everything we will ever come to know.  

What is it we are all looking for but freedom to follow our highest endeavor.

What does freedom mean or look like? There are no flags that come with freedom. Is our freedom more important than that of others? The flora and fauna of nature, trees, birds, animals, etc… With each looking to only one thing.

To live and die knowing it will be our highest endeavor that determines our future and destiny with freedom coming as our only AW11.jpgcalling.

As though nothing more than the nature found in a walk in the woods and knowing that we had lived.  

The sign in the woods of Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts.

What are the attributes and traits we are here to know, follow, and share. Have we found and do we follow this undertaking?  

How can we help others to do the same, to belong to or with something greater than what they see in themselves? To become open to what is possible both through us and that outside of our control.  

Belonging means also abandoning and releasing that which no longer fits our path. Becoming open to what can be, just as others over millennia have done the same. As we leave behind those things that no longer fit, or apply, to us.  

To be rewarded or reborn… renewed and awakened to and with our eternal memories. Perhaps cast off from the stars warming again by the rising sun above announcing a new day.  

Remaining true and curious about the cosmos and world we live in; we discover that we are here to pursue and wonder in this greatest and highest endeavor… 

By 1dandecarlo

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