Awakening to both our essential wholeness and inherent wisdom 

Why do some people have to be so bad at life when they do not have too be?

The essential understanding, we should have, that we are connected to everything in nature. There is no separateness from you, me, others, and all things. We ask, how can this be? 

We often experience and find this by being an intimate part of the nature that surrounds us. To be filled with love for all of it.

As if meditating and thinking this is how it really is. Never forget this and what brought you here.

When we connect with this, we make a kind of vow that every moment is like an unprecedented sense of completeness and transformative. Curiosity about this exalted feeling becomes a driving force in our lives. 

What is it that gets in our way that keeps us separated from what we need that takes us there? What is the connection to nature that completes us and connects us to others? How do we communicate our innate wisdom through the virtue we have always possessed but often overlooked due to searching for something outside of ourselves?

What is this voice of reality that speaks to and for us? 

As though on a walk in the woods with mindfulness becoming our essential nature wherever we are. Often what we are looking for is what we have been avoiding. But it is nature that holds our hearts. Why letting go of that which lies beyond us is important. How is it we would begin to see and act differently if we could? 

We begin by acknowledging that there is no separation between knowing and what we knew. Knowing and known were equally part of the blue sky, the horizon felt as intimate as it was vast. The real secret—hard to believe but in the end impossible to ignore—is that this is the way of all knowing.

How do we apprehend something that moments before was completely unknown to us? To in effect, to know without knowing.  

For myself it comes back to living in meditation.

To what Emerson referred to as our nature exhibited by what we inherently already know. Tapping into some deep awareness that conveys that learning should unfold naturally, step by step. Where quietness and silence become the norm.

Without leaving behind stress and learning to relax, we will be in ordinary thought. But what does it mean to move beyond ordinary thought? Leaving behind stress, we learn to relax, acknowledge, and appreciate our inherent nature and wisdom. 

By 1dandecarlo

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