Sometimes we can only sit and wonder why… 

Exclaiming how what we do has received so little attention when we stand out or go forth beyond others as if no one is paying attention or cares. And does it matter and to what or whom when it does.

To take transparent pieces of seemingly nothing – and make them into something they have always been. Just waiting for someone to come along and put together again.  

It is that we convey the virtue of what it means to become and be a sage without presumption… To see the world beyond what we think we know, to what we have always known. For the one person who is inspired by what you/we have done or written and begin their own journey. 

Our accolades and audience lie far beyond the masses to see or appreciate – As we do and see things as if they and we were always present. Immortal and forever changing and in bloom knowing everywhere we go blessings follow. 

As we keep walking, we see blue sky as a map with spirit in the back of our mind asking does strategy win or instincts?  

As we listen intuitive instincts and wisdom begin to exceed everything else. Since ancient times it has been said we need a goal for our life to be meaningful. With the key finding the source of our power and going there with passion and to have lived. 

When what we imagine and reality overlap, we gain a feeling of enhanced knowing or viewing ability. To acknowledge and know the past, remembering sweet memories as we move in the direction of the light that already resides in us. Do we swallow our dreams with rules in the present or endeavor to know what the future holds? 

As we recall Plato’s theory of ideal forms that are embodied in nature, as Emerson reminds us, and that harmony combines with the beautiful, the good, and the true. Endowed with the virtue of Chuang Tzu’s Perfected Man, we look only to the horizon.  

By 1dandecarlo

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