To have lived a life well lived as the best things come along without knowing 

Time passes with the things we cannot forget as though an artist using our garden and nature to express ourselves. Even as if it were a portal to the universe.

Thinking of past mentors, both East and West, with design and plants in tow. What provides structure as perennials representing what may be seen as impermanence and eternal with annuals strewn or tossed about evolving as color throughout our lives and seasons. Evolving with nature, unhurriedly, and letting one thing show us the next. 

Differing designs simply patterns reflecting changing light and shade inspired by Monet, Lao Tzu, and the virtue of Confucius. All here looking over our shoulder.

Not judging, but nudging efforts of contour and design of who we are yet to become as expressions of our joy of nature.

Authentic as one imbued with the intrinsic and eternal. With a uniqueness unconcerned with how others may view the outcome. Looking to and for perfection that nature teaches today that can be passed along to others. Always letting one thing lead to another with cause and effect the mantra going forth with what may appear for eternity’s sake as we are made whole and secure with the knowledge and wisdom endowed by the ages.  


Above photos taken by Dan’s neighbor K. Charis Lippert at 1956 S Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO

With an itinerary set before us as nature guides our way, endeavors simply filling in the path forward. Everything done in our garden’s telling as the right thing by all. As we design and plant something new, making it appear as if it has always been present. Endowed by grace we become blessed, present, and forever accounted for.  

By 1dandecarlo

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