Quantum Entanglement… how we communicate with others through space and time 

What is the conscious connection we share with others in nature that serves to shape what we think of as consciousness? Even going a step further to what may be called as having an “enlightenment experience”.  

Is there a universal flow of energy, a cosmic symmetry, we can tap into that helps to shape our thoughts? Enmeshed together are not we all one… or even better said just one big happy family that defines the nature of all things? And importantly, who are we speaking to or with that may not actually be present? Far-fetched yes, intuitive, but little do we know for sure, except to say that there is a fundamental unity in all things to which I have already spoken. Science tells us we are there. 

Leading to the question asking, “who we really are”? Does life and death really matter once we can see beyond the linear present to where our consciousness, i.e., our spirit leads or takes us?  

If we are truly universal is our heart/mind just sub-atomic particles looking for a home with ego simply a temporary illusion? Just who is our “immediate family” beyond definitions of relations? Questions we seldom encounter beyond the theoretical as we ask, “what can it matter” and what difference can it make in my present life?              

Where do my true attachments lie just waiting to be revealed and why should I care? But then, yes, eternal connections and all life matters, including my own.

We often hear the phrase when someone dies that they are going home, or heaven, to be with other departed family members. Why just them, why not to re-join those who we have always known or have been connected to, and still are… not simply evading reality but absorbing it. 

If we can step outside of what we accept as our given state of understanding for a moment, suppose we are connected to all things found in nature and there is no separation between you, me, and others, and all life, everything as a continuum. That we are to re-discover the flow of vibrations that suits us and go there.

With family only a construct devised out of communal necessity. Not only are we to nurture and support immediate family – but our universal family, i.e., all things found in nature intertwined for the common good and welfare.  

Quantum entanglement, what is it really beyond the theoretical? What is theory except what we think may be true but is yet unproven with what we consider to be true, but we are not sure just yet. It is like peeking into the unknown… but remaining unsure if we want to go there because it challenges who we think we are and we are comfortable with where we are just now, and do not want to change what we think we know as the reality in which we live.

What is religion and philosophy, except accepted tenets of the best way to seek and see universal truths and to live accordingly? Our best attempts to reconcile between the two. Finding a connection with these universal truths and the best way to adhere with nature as we go there. Finding ways of expressing consciousness has always been the premise of storytellers through history and who we have been speaking for and to and being able to tell the story. And it is not seeing is believing, but just the opposite – believing it to be true, you must believe in something to see it. Not with your eyes but with your heart.

My personal favorite is to study Indigenous peoples across the globe and the stories told over the centuries. To what and who the storyteller was following and the timeline of events. How legends and myths developed randomly, but universally, following a central or common thread of truth that makes everything real to the listener. Taking others beyond what they think to be true and being able to say from within – yes, ” Now I’ll know it when I see it”. 

Importantly defining who we are and where our history has taken us thus far that gives us identity, and how we are to add to this for future generations.

Teaching that all things found in nature are one and that there is no separation between man, nature, and all things. Similarities much greater than differences that serve as reminders of our and their innate divine beginnings as we travel from one voice to the next for millennia. While making our way into the next world less final with stories yet to be written and told…

Quantum means the “smallest part” of a thing, and the term is popular thanks to quantum mechanics, a field of physics that seeks to understand the nature and behavior of particles at the subatomic level, behaviors that often are not explained by the laws of classic physics. Many of these ideas are only theoretical or are judged by probability and predictions rather than simply observation.  

Quantum entanglement is the behavior that has been noted by these sub-atomic particles that sometimes seem to react in concert or seem connected, even with the ability to span time and space. Reassuring us that matter/spirit never dies.

This suggests that these particles could in effect become immortal throughout the universe as they in turn respond to certain vibrations that occur in nature (us and all living things). Some scientists think this entanglement even explains the great mystery of human consciousness. 

Quantum entanglement suggests that acting on a particle here, can instantly influence a particle far away without the constraint of time. This is often described as theoretical teleportation.

Like hearing someone’s thoughts over time even though they might be hundreds, or thousands of miles away. Even taking thoughts beyond the time in which they occurred to someplace new as we too look to becoming immortal in another place and time. 

By 1dandecarlo

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