Becoming the tuning fork of the ethos

Who are any of us but expressions of the voices of the past, present, and beyond? How will we meet our ultimate role? That the voices of our forebearers are to flow into us. Thereby sharing with us their wise counsel and wisdom. With this flow we hear their voice knowing they are here with us. As we learn that what we do affects the past.             

Even with anger found in the moment we know there is nothing to forgive. The answer lies with our intuition that tells us there is more at work than meets the eye beyond ourselves. With no escaping that there comes a time when our destiny determines who we will be. With these remnants of the past that we are to exemplify and express today we begin to change and ask just who is our audience and telling the story?

Who is it that creates the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period. What is it that motivates the character or disposition of a community, group, person, or even us? 

What is it that determines our actions rather than our thought or emotion, but someone the ancient Greeks would say has immense values found within us? As Plato and Emerson remind us from where did these values derive but our inherent nature and virtue? Who is it that inspires us and who are we here to emulate ourselves? What values are we here to try on for size to see what fits for nature and humanity’s sake? And more importantly, who is following us or simply listening from afar. What are we here to bring forward and then leave behind for the benefit of those who came before us and those that follow? 

There is a natural continuous flow in the universe beyond space and time that everything revolves, or evolves around, including us. What becomes of the essence of what we think we know or take for granted and is seen as only our imagination that takes us there, or knowledge that predates us. Like the vibrations music takes us back to and what we were doing at the time. When we are truly listening, the universe does the same and serves to remind, or take us there that makes us authentic. 

Stephen Hawkins conveys, “Quantum physics tells us that no matter how thorough our observation of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities. The universe, according to quantum physics, has no single past, or history. The fact that the past takes no definite form means that observations you make on a system in the present affect its past.” 

In practical terms, if you spend time writing, there are times when you need the right word and it just comes to you and you ask yourself, where did that come from? Like having an upward gaze into the sky discerning for yourself the word to use or unending path to follow. Upon entering this universal flow, or portal, it is like looking or going beyond what you have seen and done before. It is gaining a clearer understanding of the continuum you have always encountered over space and time and acknowledges your ultimate role. And then here you are… 

To what is it our presence asks and for others not? While some can hear the music and have memories others seem deaf and cannot. With endings still to be written. It is as if we are here to update the past as prologue that defines inevitable change that defines an obvious future as our next step. If quantum physics reminds us that it is our memories that are eternal, then it is our reverence for nature that defines and enables our divinity that keeps us grounded and universal. 

When we are listening, what is it our memories tell us? How do they help to define our path or way? Most importantly, do we follow them without the attachments that distract us? Seeing beyond the present to this universal flow letting the present help to take us there. With prayer guiding us in the moment, and meditation taking us beyond the moment to our highest endeavor. Without our eternal memories guiding us we become lost in the moment. What is it that guides the always present voice from within each of us? Ultimately are we conscious or unconscious of what we are here to do. 

Einstein helps us understand how this works by saying that energy radiates from one object to another. That we affect everything we touch even with our thoughts. Hawkins added above that we live in a world of infinite possibilities. I believe that connecting with our past, i.e., our memories, is what assists in going beyond the present to a definable future. It is the ability to enter this eternal flow of energy that has always been what ultimately defines our presence. As for me, writing becomes the vehicle that takes us there.  

Renewed, we go forward with both heart and soul hungering for the eternal resisting the pull of time. Soon we find ourselves on the road that has the ending we each are to travel. The way of the faithful is committing to pay the price even if the cost cannot be known and trusting that in the end, it will have been worth it. The journey is put before us by powers greater than our own. In those times our paths are laid out where our hearts will not go unless we are listening to the past. No matter the perils.  

By 1dandecarlo

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