Adhering to our authentic self 

To begin living and writing in a language appearing to be something you haven’t heard before. Beyond what might be considered as our “comfort zone” Written a thousand, or hundreds of years ago, yesterday, or today. What is the flow that filters through us? As we are reminded of an ancient Buddhist saying that if the student does not become better than the teacher – then the teacher is a failure, as you always are both student and teacher.

It begins with knowing our own story before telling it as a reflection of our soul. Only then from a mountain top so that everyone can hear.

Speaking with words that make others’ hair stand on end. Repeated again and again, as though there is so much more than has been written, it seems pointed back to the beginning. As if told to remake ourselves on our terms with nothing final until we write the last chapter. 

Words you recognize instantly as some form of subjective truth that have an objective reality to them because they are spoken with merit and virtue. What’s important is to become a receiver of what takes you beyond or to your highest good. What others would say but couldn’t say. To agree with Jung that there is a collective unconsciousness that we are here to emulate. 

To begin by realizing that you may not be who you have been conditioned to come to believe who you think you are, where lack and limitation are said to reside. As if you had an alter ego waiting to emerge from the depths of sameness. From where conformity becomes the only accepted norm… and a place where many would say dreams come or go to die. 

Divine understanding that death is only a transition. That there is no such thing as time, with no real beginnings or endings. Everything happens at the same time in the universe, but we perceive it sequentially because that’s what we have learned. Instead, we are to follow ideas expressed by Nichola Tesla that we can move through time and space as a continuum as our authentic selves. With every choice we make opening us to new possibilities.  

Even if we don’t acknowledge or recognize it, we affect things in countless places. That we can regret things we did in the past and would change everything. You don’t need a door to change things. You never did. Just follow your eternal instincts in keeping with divine order you have always known. Ready to take the next step. Telling through your memories, what may be called universal mind, what you have written that which is untold or simply forgotten, ready to convey, understand the unknown, and go there. 



By 1dandecarlo

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