Our history is not determinative – meaning we are not there yet.  

There is always more to do. If you could see yourself beyond the horizon acknowledging who you have always been and where your journey leads, what would you change in the present moment?  

With final outcomes yet to be decided and unsettled. Our essential nature subject to growth and change, as we find ourselves fading back, intently, joyfully, without ego, into nothing important. To have been everywhere at one time or another with a never-ending energy. What can it matter now? With stride and portal in tow, nothing left but to live in bliss. 

What is it that serves to settle or determine what will always in the end change?

Perhaps it is why a talented artist continues to paint as if it is through images and his endeavors that the way becomes clear. Why the storyteller will repeat stories passed down through the ages so they will be continually added to and built upon as if nothing is over in the universe as the story just transforms and continues. Both tell us when the wounds of our soul begin to heal, we will find our way.    

Who we are is important. As our innate nature asks what we are to do but to go deeper. Doing what we are here to do by letting our soul and eternal memories lead the way. Remembering what you are and who you have always been, that no matter how far you run it catches up with you.

It is said that what often gives us the most pain is where our spirit lies, why is this? Only when you get out of the darkness will you know who you are. Time is a thing that will gradually make your conscience weigh heavier until you will not be able to carry it alone. Simply know that you are here to aid in the growth and change of all things found in nature, and that it is in releasing fear that freedom comes to visit and decides to stay.

To understand beginnings and endings and our own place in it all and that it begins with us. To become pure of heart is the will of the Tao that speaks to and for our universal voice and wisdom. As failure brings clarity to a place existing beyond space and time. What you perceive as a measure of time, be it a minute, an hour, or even a day, is but an instant in your world. Doorways and portals are but gateways to history. All the answers are ready to be changed by you.  The truth as to our origins always stands before us as much as we either deny or try to find it. 


By 1dandecarlo

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