Living beyond the unknown we acknowledge our path and eternal presence. 

The ability to perceive the invisible, with the Universe being accessible and understandable, about correct and careful reasoning, and about sorting through contradictory and confusing information. To see and speak clearly with the wisdom of the ages passed down as eternal thought beyond the moment and emotion. As if becoming detached from the reality of the vagaries of today. Looking to the theories of quantum mechanics and physics to where our thoughts are continually adding to themselves. As we return to the flow of consciousness from which we came. 

It has been the fear of the unknown and taking steps to go there that seems to haunt us. To go there now to be as if living a dream… remaining fearless while not knowing the outcome. Not trusting ourselves and what lies from within that makes us look to that which lies from the outside that we mistakenly choose to follow. As we live to make an inanimate body sing through the ages. Our physical body only the temporary home where our consciousness resides to be built upon. To whom and what rhythm do we sing to? If we are responding to an eternal portal, is it in effect re-connecting or returning us to the flow and to those we have always known, and just who is it that are our ancestors? 

Quantum physics leads to the conclusion that there are two distinct types of “substances” in the universe: the physical and the non-physical, with the human mind fitting in the former category. This suggests, though, that the brain is a physical and biological object, while the mind is something else, resulting in so-called “mind-body dualism”. If consciousness is a result of an interaction with another physical system, then it can be seen as our living beyond the human body… as a continuum that is never-ending, to what some may refer to as spirit as an eternal essence. To a place that may appear to be unknowable or beyond strictly human terms. 

We look though to science, beyond theory and to history. To the thalamus gland at the base of the brain that can act as the pivot between these two substances (our physical brain verses our conscious mind) that make things personal and living our life as if every day is transcendent. It’s why we look to the highest endeavors of those we respect as our mentors who understood and captured this eternal flow of the universe for themselves and found their home there. To be on the path of Plato, Lao and Chuang Tzu, Emerson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and so many others.

Why mountaintops and sanctuaries where we can go and look beyond the horizon are so gratifying and going there too. It’s like looking to the stars, remembering, and finding comfort knowing what’s inevitable.  

Once we know that we are to look past the present, we are inclined to only do those things in keeping with the path we are here to travel. 

By 1dandecarlo

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