The winter solstice and yuan heng li zhen

In the spirit of the holidays and the joining of Jupiter and Saturn during the winter solstice today, we wish you yuan heng li zhen. It is said that when spoken with complete sincerity and compassion, that the universe could not help but notice and find its way to our doorstep.

Yuan heng li zhen is an ancient Chinese saying that means the following…

Yuan – The source or beginning of all things. It initiates the movement that determines the appearance and development of anything found in nature and individual being… the absolute origin of the universe.

Heng – The influence of Heaven that permeates all things, brings them to maturity, and makes them prosper. The foundation of a sense of duty and duties performed. It suggests joy when two worlds come together and are connected in harmony.

Li – To take advantage of the times. It means propitious and auspicious (things favorably inclined to your position). A realization of what is good that nourishes and provides what is necessary for all. Something that can be counted on.

Zhen – The act and result of divination, samadhi (meditation), and prayer. Something true, sincere, original to and with our authentic selves. It is the evolution of a life well lived that consciously accomplishes its destiny adapting to circumstances without losing our true nature.

Yuan heng li zhen is spoken in the essence and spirit of the cosmos, an appropriate reminder with Jupiter and Saturn looking down upon us today.

With this, we wish you a blessed holiday season and that yuan heng li zhen comes to visit and stays close by our side in the coming year.


Dan DeCarlo

The Kongdan Foundation

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