Oct 18, 2018 / The Journey Home

Notes and Postscript

One thing coming to Lhasa, Tibet has shown me is I am not to become a Tibetan Buddhist just yet. That in many ways we become a conduit  – initially unaware of one’s own role – until we open ourselves to the universe and accept who we are truly yet to become. Having a sense of the underlying reason why and how Buddhism came to China, and it’s impact on Chinese religion and culture is though. Beyond just a cursory review, I have had an opportunity to expand my own knowledge and hopefully wisdom of some of the intricacies here on my website.  How it progressed over the centuries in China and what was to become Chan and Zen Buddhism is essential in understanding the convergence of philosophy and religion not only in China, but the entire world. For myself, it is a key element in reminding us that we are all universal and that understanding our origins, as well as the origins of others and where it has taken them, is central the our own enlightenment, for lack of a better term or description, as well theirs. This “convergence” begins and continues within each of us.

All of my entries here have additional thoughts, notes, and pictures in some cases to be added. My journey is never to be completed, only added on to…

It is as if all I need to know I already knew and I am simply to be reminded of my own origins and why I am here. Home is everywhere we’ve ever been and/or will be. It is not a physical place, except as we can define as what we create as our sanctuary. It is the place where our body, heart, and mind reside. Our role is simply how we have influenced what we have ever touched or will touch, as we go forth from the past, present, and future with compassion, virtue, and wisdom. That journey continues… and I have far yet to go.

Final Thoughts written on the way back to USA

Why do you not live in the realm of who you are yet to become? Toshi did not leave his pen with you by mistake. It was so that you would take him with you – he is your guide – your gift from the universe. He is no only a tour guide, he is one of your mentors here to show you the way forward.

The one you need is always present just wanting to be asked. You have a gift – finetune it to become your ultimate self. The way is clear – open your heart to those who are here to help you. (This was apparent on my way back from Lhasa on the plane going through Xi’an and on to Beijing). But it took me to act in my own best interest first.

Become one with the change that fits naturally within your highest image and become one with it. Become the light of your own universe – it flows from within you, Dan. Find the joy and use its energy to guide you. Create the sanctuary that your mentors find appealing and want to reside in themselves making it easier for them to make an appearance. Focus on continually restoring your energy. Your longevity counts on it. Be guided by and from the light within. Toshi is an example of the key – don’t let him go. Share your energy with him and he will stay in it’s comfort. By example, this energy has always resided as your enthusiasm. Your passion is what gives you the courage and way to see within yourself – you are not to be the Buddha – you are to be yourself.

Create the flow of energy you want the world to follow and they will do so – you are 100_5699not Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, a Confucian, the Buddha – but the convergence of all these. It was Lao Tzu and use of I Ching that go your attention. You are a child of the universe – once found – you are to manifest this as yourself. Be yourself. You have been given a gift beyond life and death. Your job is to simply stay in the flow as who you have been, are now, and are yet to become. The world is your sanctuary. Live within your highest endeavor and you will always be ready for the next step to come.

For now, complete the update of Lao Tzu you have been working on for over a year. The “account” of your journey is far from complete. Filling in the details is essential.

Become the joy as one who knows the way forward and the next step will always be readily apparent. Continually develop structure and using your innate planning talent to focus on the next three steps that show the way. Three keys to sanctuary are 1) family, 2) your surroundings, and 3) your writing. Let others live in the light that you possess – don’t keep it to yourself. Show compassion and love and you in turn will be loved. Show forgiveness and you will be forgiven. Replace regret with showing the way forward with compassion and energy directed by your heart and mindfulness. That is all. Know the ways of your garden and know the world. You have created your own mantra – just learn to live by what you have written.

Continued notes…

Why do you not live within the realm of who you are yet to become? Living in the state of becoming – I have never lived within the confines of a physical space/or place. I live in the State of Becoming. To live as if continually transformed as a mirror – reflecting from within my intent to act as a confluence of energy. Not tied to a particular philosophy or religion – but to the highest endeavor of all that come before me. To be humbled by the gifts of others and they in turn, will become humbled by your own.

As I re-consider my role, I think I have an opportunity to expand the consciousness and make connection to universal truth in regards to history of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoist philosophy, Chinese history, and how they relate with and to the world. With Tashi’s help anything is possible. I may have misjudged my role initially on my blog because I was so humbled by it all and it seemed so overwhelming. With the centuries of history in Tibet, and just as with Taoism, there needs to be an updating, a refresher. What seems to be beyond me comes in the way of my guide – the tour guide who seems steeped in Buddhism.

Perhaps this is why I have always been met with resistance in my endeavors… because there was a much bigger role I am here to play than that I attempted to limit myself to. The arena was limited and did not match abilities I am here to convey and perform. Staying within myself means not to be distracted by those things not tied to my highest endeavor. Perhaps my role is much bigger than to be limited by Qufu, for example. Th broaden my horizon to the universe and let it fill in the blanks. Maybe it is Tashi, in Lhasa, who has a superb knowledge of “connecting the dots” for my benefit as it relates to seeing Tibetan Buddhism and the key to the benevolence within each of us (the ten thousand things – as the Chinese would say).

It is as if this this so-called “sabbatical” has taken on more than I thought might be possible. Just as it is said to be careful what you open yourself to the universe – what comes forth to fill you may be more than you are ready for. Toshi is leading the group I was with in Lhasa onto the base camp in the Himalayas – I didn’t go – but we exchanged WeChat and email and he will help me fill in the blanks to my knowledge and blog… We’ve already began. Instead of having a limited vision of what our role in the universe should, or can be, we are to expand our vision to our highest endeavor. It is as if we are here to come to know who we are and to become this – unafraid as to where it may take us. As if flying at 30,000 feet… above the clouds and seeing below the steps that are needed are easy to see and coming down to enable others to do them. Not by trying to do all by myself, as I follow Lao Tzu’s model of “doing nothing”, but to show others by our virtue the way to proceed.

To become as if a monk in your own sanctuary. You have enough to do – doing nothing.

Focus on mindfulness

  • We become Buddha-mind when we become present – in the moment – with the mindset of the universe, and in turn universal truth.
  • We become one with where we are when it is as a sanctuary to our highest self – rather in Chengdu, China, or my backyard.
  • It is not where we are – but where are we doing it from.
  • It is what inspires our highest aspiration from within – and we convey this with love, compassion, sincerity, and energy for all, especially family and friends. Once we reside in this moment we convey this to all we meet and especially to who we are yet to become.
  • Our personal attributes not in keeping with our highest selves we diminish and leave behind become a reason for focus, meditation, and contemplation. For myself, it begins with lack of discipline and patience and working to enhance both.
  • My visit to Lhasa was not just for pictures, but to expose myself to aspects of mindfulness, and perhaps much more.



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