September 25

What is our Role?

One of the core principles of spiritual understanding is to see how everything fits together in the universe and how this reflects back upon ourselves. This was one of the underlying premises of following the stars, the big dipper being a favorite, for example.DSCI0134

There was a symmetry knowing that while the stars were stationary the earth moved so that what you saw today would in turn come again… and again.. and again. Everything in nature and the universe connected us to evDSCI0097erything else. Could there be a purpose to our being here and how do we learn to see beyond ourselves? When do we learn that the attachments and riches of a lifetime are but a flash of lightening in eternity.

For the earliest shaman this understanding and eventual wisdom was paramount in establishing the connection between what was to be known as heaven and earth and what man’s role was to become. Because it encompassed everything (the ten thousand things), it was unnameable but was to become known as the Tao, or to many God.. The advantage that China has had over the millennia has been DSCI0049an uninterrupted history where the dots (prefaced by the stars in the sky) could be connected over space and time. The question was and has always been what man’s connection or role between heaven and earth should be. As a teacher, I would always stress finding our innate talents and using them to see beyond ourselves. I was a university teacher teaching students who were to become teachers themselves. I learned a lot about what my own role was to be then.

It was to this question that Taoism, Buddhism, Confucius, and even Christianity in China has collectively attempted to speak to and attempted to answer. Not in competition, as if one has the answers the others don’t. But a collective consciousness that leads one to a universal awareness and that we all came from and will return03 to the same source.

If we are connected to a universe that is never ending as human beings with souls or a spirit that is eternal; we are in reality never ending spirits simply having a human experience. Knowing this what can our ultimate role or experience while we are here be?

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