December 2016 and 2017 Overview

Realignment of body – mind – and spirit…   to live contentedly in wu wei                                                 December 2016

          Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi) believed that the key to true happiness was to free oneself from the world and its standards through the Taoist principle of “inaction” wu wei, action that is not based on any purposeful striving or motives for gain. To be so in tune with to the eternal cosmology and inner transformation that lead to mystical experiences that align our energies to attaining union with the Way, or Tao. The coming year to become totally focused on re-aligning mind and body with my spirit, or soul’s highest endeavor and destiny.

This month of December must be about completion and re-alignment. Letting go and going to a higher spiritual perspective. To be in tune with my own cosmic balance.  Anything not fitting within my realm of integrity I let go. What is meaningful, what is purposeful, how to strengthen, further finding my center where my highest truth is revealed. To trust my inner guidance. The key is finding my inner balance and openly dealing with karmic imbalances. Processing both internal and external and developing total trust of my own abilities and place in the world. Internal expression through The Kongdan Foundation website and external through selected opportunities that allow me to express my own oneness with nature and the universe. To develop total trust in myself, have self-confidence and use my talents to shape my environment. First and foremost in aligning my energies… with what the Taoists would call “upper heaven” my convening with my eternal divinity, and secondly what is called “lower heaven”. What I experience in the here and now as the reflection, or mirror, of my persona reflected by the “who I am” here now on earth. Acknowledging my responsibilities and striving to do justice to them both.

Meditation and focus on aligning with three cosmic events that re-direct my thoughts and actions to my primary goal or objective. The shaman through obserrving the sun, moon, stars, and the natural enmivonment,  understood our connection to the universe and that everything was connected to everythong else. That we are not a body unto ourselves. December is a time to bring clusure to the pasr. The planet Mercury in retrograde this month (Dec 19-Jan 6) and the full moon in Gemini on December 13-14 that serves to manifest your energies, letting go releasing attachments that no longer serve us, and begin by seeing the world in a different light. Second, December 19th to reflect on intentions over the next ten days, and finally to prepare for a fresh, or new perspective on December 29th with the new moon on the horizon. Using this

  • To slow down as if weeding my spiritual garden and clarify my purpose, to make sure I am listening to the voice of spirit not ego. That my intentions have integrity with my ultimate purpose.
  • To practice being present, to receive intuition and inspiration, focus my breath on taming my mind and to always look for creative solutions.
  • Honor your feelings. Release negative emotions that are stored in your body and leave scars. Look for outlets to express your feelings in a positive way.
  • Transfer negative emotions into love. Process through breath, light and love.
  • Receive guidance for your net step through meditation. Be who you are… a light of the world thereby lifting the energy of everything and everyone around you.

To not let anything disturb your piece of mind. Tranquility and restricting your senses and desires with moderation in all things. Find and remain within a sense of peace and calmness letting this permeate every pore of your body. Life totally within the oneness of Tao as you yourself become the Tao. Find discipline and stay within it. Contend with no one or nothing. Remain spontaneous – honor each moment and live within it. Re-align the thoughts (your mind) and body. To reflect the image that embraces the idea that we can simultaneously embody the oneness of everything as well as entertain and act on our own individual human preferences. To be transformed with moderation in all things the key to your longevity.

The key to spiritual transformation (for myself), is moving beyond the idea that if one understands the heavenly and not the human then one lacks the means of human interaction. Or the opposite that if we understand the human and not the heavenly, then one lacks the means of wandering with and in the Tao. Temporary, or transient states found during meditation must become permanent traits. With these traits come a permanent realization and the purpose and reason for our body and soul re-alignment and how we live this through our actions that reflect Chuang Tzu’s Perfected Man and wu wei…

(I am indebted to Kari Samuels and for some of the inspiration for the above segment),

(This is from my Numerology Report I did in November 2016)

Personal Year One

Lucky you, Dan! A Personal Year of vibration 1 means that you will attract the opportunity to make new beginnings, to start fresh, and to launch things you have been holding back for a while. One is the beginning of the cycle, and it’s likely you will feel like it’s a personal obligation to take charge and move forward with your plans; a whole new “mission” could begin.

If you haven’t been planning to start something new, you should, because whatever you begin this year will last throughout the nine-year cycle; this year’s actions are the foundation for what will be happening during the following eight years. It’s a good idea to plan for a new beginning in advance, because even if you’re not expecting it, the opportunity is likely to arise anyway. In fact, by doing so, you’re surfing a cosmic wave of synchronicity that can easily move you toward success.

This is the year to assert yourself, to push forward with your plans and to come up with new ideas. You are attracting positive vibrations to yourself, so as long as you remain positive and keep a progressive outlook, you’ll see doors open and feel increased levels of energy. A positive attitude will make you feel like nature is charging your batteries!

But there are a few typical drawbacks to a 1 Personal year. It’s possible that you could become so opportunistic that others might see you as being overly ambitious or arrogant; if you keep other’s feelings in perspective, however, you could avoid any major clashes. Do your best to look before you leap.

This is a year that may be focused on issues regarding relationships or emotions; it’s likely that you’ find emotional sensitivity at the core of them. It may be harder than usual for you to cooperate with others, and you’ll find it difficult to gain the cooperation of others as well. But along with these emotional tensions you attract, you are also attracting the opportunity to express your feelings and your creative skills. If you do, it’s likely that you’ll get rid of some toxic attachments and make room for healthy ones. Even if you have to do some things on your own for now, you’ll find that opportunities are easier to follow up on. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to re-invent yourself, this is it!

The Months of Personal Year 1


Because of the way that Personal Months are calculated, January will be Personal Month 2 this year. At this time, you’ll find that you have a noticeable advantage when it comes to gaining the aid and assistance of others. You’ll probably be a little “fired up” about making a new beginning or launching a project, and as long as you are willing to share the spotlight, others will be too, and more than willing to cooperate. At the same time, because this is a One personal year, you may find that the cooperation and support you receive may not last. You have to be careful not to push too hard in promoting your own agenda right now, because success will come only through working with others, and by letting opportunity come to you. If you act aggressively to pursue it, things will not go as well.


Dan, for you this is a Personal Month 3, and it offers the opportunity for success, as long as you are not too free with your time, money or energy. Do your best to stay focused on what’s most important, and let go of anything that you cannot finish; it’s important that you focus on accomplishing something during this month. Because it will be very easy for you to become distracted, and put your effort into an unprofitable direction, you seriously need to tune in to your emotional guidance system by asking yourself “is this taking me in the direction that I want to go” and see how you feel about it. You are attracting vibrations that are very positive now. Be creative in your expression, and find some time to enjoy the social activity that the month brings.


A 4 Personal Month almost always has a feeling of being limiting or restrictive. If you attend to details, especially those regarding work, you’ll probably gain some advantage, and if you do not, things will be more difficult than they have in previous months this year. You’re most likely to attract things that are too big to handle easily, so don’t be stubborn and pretend that you can do anything. This is a good month to consider your personal wellness. One way or the other, the limitations you face will slow down your progress toward your goals, and that’s likely to be frustrating. This is a month of hard work, and it is especially important to realize that it will build structure and order for the rest of the year; don’t resent it.


A Personal Month of the vibration 5 can give you a sense of greater freedom. This is a time during which good decisions can bring favorable changes, while those made in haste or made for the purpose of avoiding responsibilities will only bring trouble. A Five personal month is very favorable for travel, and you may want to take a little break in your routine in order to see what it will bring. Another thing that is really important is that you check every detail of things you have in the works; this may be an excellent time to bring new methods or systems on board so that you can work with the changes you’re attracting, instead of against them. Pay attention to coincidences, and look for meaning in the changes that happen.


This month carries 6 as its overall vibration, so you may find that matters concerning the home and family take precedence, Dan. Your relationships with others, especially intimate ones, are prominent right now, and will occupy your attention “for better or for worse.” If, during the previous months, you have been working cooperatively with others, it will likely be for the better. This vibration protects your money, so try to avoid being too aggressive about either gaining or spending it; you can attract it easily at this time. Obligations and responsibilities are likely to mount up, so maintain a positive attitude about fulfilling them, and make sure that you take care of your responsibility to yourself first. Don’t take on other’s problems as your own during this month.


A 7 Personal Month is likely to bring delays. You can expect the pace of life to slow down, and trying to force them to speed up will not help. Since, at this time, you are attracting peaceful and spiritual situations, or those that require thought or analysis this is a good month for personal work, private activities and vacations. Agreements and alliances will be important to you, and this is a good time to make them, but be careful about extending your trust to easily. It’s not very favorable for pursuing financial goals; it’s far more important that you look seriously at what has been happening and assess what’s working for you and what you can discard. Let forethought, intuition and insight guide you in all you do at this time.


Personal Month 8 will, more often than not, bring various opportunities for you to take control of situations in business or in personal life. Material and financial pursuits are favored, but taking advantage of this vibration requires something of a change in your tactics, because many people “play fast and loose” with the power this vibration attracts to you. Attempts to force others to cooperate with you are likely to rebound as negative effects on your finances or your important relationships. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get your point across if you’re not being overly aggressive, and are willing to let others play a role in your success Dan.


Any Personal Month of the vibration 9 is likely to be favorable to you. It’s a good idea to check in with others you’ve been a little out of touch with, because the best possible results of your actions will be attracted to you when you find a way to help others at this time. Even more importantly, this is a month for letting go, and really hearing others, so that you can offer them the help you can muster without getting involved in their personal lives. Efforts that you make which only serve your own interests, especially regarding finances, are not likely to be successful, but those made with others in mind will bring success and other personal attainments. A 9 Personal Month is usually favorable for travel, in almost any year.


Your Personal Month 1 is likely to be a period of time during which you may attract opportunities to take command of situations and move forward with your plans. Since this is also a 1 Personal Year for you, Dan, the opportunity to take charge and set your agenda in motion should come easily. You will, however, need to stay grounded and “step up to the plate” in order to make sure that things work out according to your best interests. You also must be centered enough to consider other’s feelings during the month. If you do, this is likely to be a favorable time overall. If you don’t, you will have a hard time with other people, and may feel less confident as a result.


Because your Personal Year is of the vibration 1, you have two Personal Months that carry the vibration 2, but this one carries the extra energy of the vibration of 11. If you began something new during September, this is the time to seek the cooperation of others and work together with them toward common goals – it shouldn’t be difficult, because you will tend to be more inspired or inspiring than usual. If you aggressively pursue their cooperation, it is not likely to last, so don’t be too ready to put your agenda at the top of your list of priorities. Make sure to listen to others, and do your best to accommodate them. The vibration 11, which can be somewhat daunting; it this can be a very tense or intense vibration, so you need to be careful about letting yourself get overly stressed. Put some focus into your relationships with others, and you can’t go wrong.


This Personal Month carries the 3 vibration this year, but it also has “12” as an essence number. The twelve carries the vibrations 1 and 2, so this primarily social month will attract conflicts between your need to achieve something and your relationships in both the personal and social arena. You’re likely to get more invitations, and give them as well. Expect the time to be filled with conversation and entertainment, but be very careful that you don’t lose track of your priorities. It’s very easy to put too many irons in the fire this month, so be careful to avoid making promises, and keep your appointments. It’s critical that you don’t vent your frustrations on anyone important to you during this time, because the negative feedback you receive from others will only increase.


This is your second Personal Month 4 this year, Dan, but as it is calculated, it carries the special quality of the number 13. Because of the unique quality of this number, you may find yourself in situations where you find it hard to move forward with your plans. At the same time, this vibration also attracts the opportunity to express your gift of organization, and if you’re really lucky, you may have flashes of insight that are important. Hopefully the social activity of last month did not cause you to become scattered and overlook things, because during this month, every single detail needs to be fully examined. Don’t expect to get things done at the last minute, and don’t get upset when your hurried pace is slowed down by circumstances beyond your control; take advantage of these delays to make sure you “have all your bases covered.”

Your Major Challenge

This carries the vibration 7, Dan, which means you are likely to attract many opportunities for social life, group activities and cooperative work, despite the fact that you may not be interested in joining in on them. This is a Challenge that tends to take its “low road” when you isolate yourself from others, or prefer to pursue your interests only in private.

It brings with it circumstances that encourage you to trust others and yourself, and it is very important that you take them. If you choose to avoid taking people into your confidence or having a lack of faith in their ability to be dependable, they will certainly prove that negative projection true; if you take the high road and have faith in yourself and others, and let other people “join the party”, you’ll find that your intuition will grow, that your insights are valuable, and that you will develop an unshakable faith in yourself, others, and the Universe as a whole. It is a very spiritual vibration, but its gifts can be applied every day toward matters concerning love, health and prosperity.


Full birth name
Daniel Carl DeCarlo

October 08, 1952

Nickname Value First Response 46 Third Pinnacle Ending
Birth First Name Value Life Path First Pinnacle
Birth Middle Name Value 17 Compound Second Pinnacle
Birth Last Name Value Formative Cycle Third Pinnacle
Soul Urge Productive Cycle Fourth Pinnacle
5Soul Urge Challenge 8Harvest Cycle 7First Minor Challenge
Personality Birthday Number Second Minor Challenge
Personality Challenge Birthday Vibration Major Challenge
11 Expression Birthday Gift Achievement
Expression Challenge 28 First Pinnacle Ending Reduced Achievement
37 Second Pinnacle Ending
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