August 2016 Website Update

If this is your first look at the Kongdan Foundation website please note that we now have both books that have been published in China. “An American Journey through the I Ching and Beyond” published in 2004 and “Thoughts on becoming a Sage” two years later in 2006. Additional books and articles I have written that are as unpublished are as follows;

  1. My Travels with Lieh Tzu. This is a complete personal account of the “Book of Lieh Tzu” that became required reading for Taoism over the centuries.
  2. Travels to Qufu, Chengdu and Xi’an in May-June 2014.
  3. My version of The Dazhuan. The 5th and 6th Wings of the Ten Commentary of the        I Ching.
  4. Confucius As Therapy for Today’s Heart and Soul. This is a personal account of my travels and teaching in Qufu from 1999 through 2014.
  5. Kongdan Book Series #1 Finding Yourself with Virtue
  6. Kongdan Book Series #2 Keping to the Lower Clouds

One of the disappointing aspects of this website is the difficulty in including pictures. I have taken over 6,000 pictures in China and would like to include some of them here. That is proving to be very difficult. All six of the above will soon appear here as well.

I am planning another trip to China for about three weeks next month from September 28 to October 15th. The trip will include the cities of Jining and Qufu during the annual Confucius festivities, Binzhou in northern Shandong home of Sun Tzu and Anhui home of Chuang Tzu. I will do another update here prior to my trip and do an ongoing update while in China.

Please enjoy my website. I hope it is both informative and enjoyable.



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