The I Ching – Discovering our Own Artesian Well

  An original composition and interpretation of the Chinese Classic the  I Ching

(48 THE WELL / Water over Wind).     3/15/94        DCD    

Discovering One’s Artesian Well

Life springs forth like an artesian well continually replenished simply waiting to be used. With each instant a new beginning bringing a chance to better understand the ways of nature and perhaps discover the proper direction needed for continual new growth as you continue your journey.

Strength evolving from two mutually inclusive forms both through the spirit or mind and body, each critical to survival, each merely to be found and come to know.

As you spend time each day in seclusion you draw on your inner chi as Cloud Dancing with dragons to remind you of your responsibilities to yourself, to others and to the universe. Meditating on the emptiness essential in all things to be found in everything both yin and yang and coming to find serenity within, ever cognizant of the re-generative power present in each of us to find only for ourselves.

Keeping to moderation in food and drink as the key to a full existence, staying away from excess with chi finding your eternal rhythm and cycles.

Finding the true way is a never-ending challenge that will be thrown up at in many ways that most would find overwhelming, get sick and want to stop. Not all are meant to find the eternal well. Most never even bother to look satisfied with the lot given to them to simply exist day to day. Take care not to poison the well with bad thoughts or consent to someone else doing so.       Punishment will follow and all will be for naught.

By 1dandecarlo

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