From Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

My thoughts in meditation and actions today are centered on my book “Thoughts on Becoming a Sage”

                                Verse 31 – Remaining Centered with the Tao

Learn not to expand your energies or passion on things of little or no consequence. Remaining still and reserved as if you are pre-occupied with your own enthusiasm. To those around you, simply smile at what living brings to greet you each day and to trouble say ah so!

Not as one considered as self-centered, but as Tao centered spreading your joy and laughter to all you meet, letting joy for knowing your place in the universe become your foremost point of engagement.

Learn not to let situations control you. Instead, remain in control by not allowing events to cloud your vision as you lead others with dispassion, humility and self-control.

When you can respond as if events were gnats, too small to even notice, then you may begin to see over the next horizon as your destiny becomes clear…

By 1dandecarlo

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